Intestinal flora responsible for CAD , but this time also for CV events

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A major dietary source of choline provided in abundance by egg yolks and meat can, after conversion by intestinal bacteria, raise plasma levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), and circulating TMAO is proatherogenic and may have potential as a biomarker of later cardiovascular risk.
dietary phosphatidylcholine metabolism by gut flora as a source of circulating TMAO and TMAO levels as predictors of death, MI, and stroke “independent of traditional risk factors, even in low-risk cohorts,but naming dietary carnitine—also prevalent in red meat—as an ultimate source of TMAO released by intestinal microbiotia.

Our gut microbes are the biggest endocrine organ in our body. They can make biologically active compounds, and they contribute to disease processes.

the current study extends research in mice Hazen and his colleagues reported in 2011 , which demonstrated a gut-flora-mediated relationship between dietary phosphatidylcholine, circulating levels of three metabolites (choline, TMAO, and betaine), and mechanisms behind arterial cholesterol buildup.

for reading more about resources please click here > Intestinal flora , CAD and CV events 

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