Harms of Low dose dopamine !!!

Despite more than thirty years of use as a renal vasodilator , low dose dopamine (2Mic/kg/m) has shown no evidence of benefit in patients with acute oliguric renal failure on the basis of its action on dopaminergic renal receptors . In fact , low -dose dopamine can have deleterious effects on hemodynamics ( decreased splanchnic blood flow ) immune function ( inhibition of T-cell lymphocyte function ) and endocrine function ( inhibition of thyroid _stimulating hormone release from the pituitary ) .
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Greet van den Berghe’s work shows neuroendocrine dysfunction as well as immunological modulation secondary to prolactin

-Reasons Dopamine is Bad

-Does not benefit the renal system

-Induces Natriuresis and Diuresis

-Shunts blood away from outer medulla, which is the region most prone to ischemic damage

-Possible induction of decreased splanchnic perfusion

-Decreases GI Motility

-Impairs ventilatory response to hypoxemia and hypercapnia

-Effects on anterior pituitary–decreases prolactin secretion


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