Tall R wave in V1 (causes )


once you see the tall R wave in lead V1 remember these 14 points ;
1- True Posterior MI 
2- Right ventricular Hypertrophy 
3-Ventricular Septal hypertrophy 
4- Duchenn’s dystrophy 
5- Right bundle Brunch Block 
6- wolf-parkinson white syndrome
7- Rightward Cardiac displacement 
8- misplacement of precordial leads 
9-Normal variant 
10- in children 
11- Pregnancy 
`12-Congenital heart disease 
`13-Pacemaker rhythm 
14-ventricular ectopic impulse 
For more information please Click here >>>>Image

About Dr.Nabil Paktin

Cardiologist , M.D.,F.A.C.C.

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  1. Dr-Niamatullah Ahmadzay

    like tall R in V1

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