Prominent Papillary Muscle or Papillary Fibroelastoma, Apically displaced papillary muscles,Solitary Papillary Muscle Hypertrophy

A 55 years old female , brought to the Echo Lab for perioperative assessment of non-cardiac surgery of the heart . She was known patient of hypertension , DM type 2 with normal physical examination . During echocardiography we found a mass in LV cavity ECG was normal with no axis deviation , and hypertrophy pattern . There was Cardiologist to cardiologist difference of opension about below answers of diagnosis of the following echocardiogram :

1- Prominent Papillary muscle .
2- Papillary Fibroblastoma 
3- Apically displaced anterolateral papillary muscle .
4-  Solitary Papillary Muscle Hypertrophy.

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About Dr.Nabil Paktin

Cardiologist , M.D.,F.A.C.C.

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